Better business writing course
Better business writing course


This better business writing course introduces delegates to the core principles of business writing as well as the aesthetics of formally converging relevant organizational information in a concise and professional manner. Download the table of contents here

This two-day course is intended to equip delegates with better business writing as well as the technical, creative, and professional skills associated with dispersing and presenting corporate information in the most professional manner.

At the completion of the course, delegates will receive a manual and an attendance certificate indicating the acquisition of business writing skills. This course is intended to teach delegates how to clearly articulate an idea, an organization’s intent, or information in impeccable and professional writing formats.

This better business writing course will provide delegates with skills that will help in the mastery of report writing and also help in project management and other business courses needed to excel in the corporate world.

A better business writing course will help delegates in achieving writing eloquence and for better business writing, we recommend that delegates take our advanced business writing course as well. This is to ensure that every participant becomes fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to excel in their fields.

This College Africa Group course is conveyed in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-comprehend format, including practical sections to further broaden their skills and experience, equipping delegates with creative, professional and empathetic writing that expresses a company’s intent in a business-oriented manner and tone.

This better business writing course falls under the section Leadership Training.

We almost run on demand as we try to accommodate the client’s work schedule when possible.

Contact Arnold at +27 083 778 4903 or send an email to [email protected] for dates in your location.

The better business writing course is divided into five intrinsic parts. Download the table of contents here

Part 1: Back To Basics

  • Mastering Spelling, punctuation, and Usage
  • Six Tips for Better Spelling
  • Punctuation Pointers

Part 2: Choosing Your Words Carefully

  • Sharpening Your Writing Style
  • Deleting (Unnecessary) Redundancies
  • Forming Parallel Construction
  • Recognizing Clichés
  • Avoiding Sexist Language

Part 3: Improving Your Business Writing

  • Strengthening Your Memos
  • Using E-Mail Effectively
  • Ten Tips for a Better Memo
  • How to Begin

Part 4: Writing For Special Circumstances

  • Special Kinds of Business Writing
  • Conveying Bad News Tactfully
  • When the News Is Especially Sensitive
  • Writing Persuasively
  • Using the Motivated Sequence Outline

Part 5: Knowing Your Audience

  • Identifying Communication Styles
  • Sensor/Action Style
  • Thinker/Process Style
  • Feeler/People Style
  • Intuitor/Idea Style
  • Writing to Specific Styles
  • Ten Techniques for Effective Communication

Better business writing course objectives

  • Recognize and correct errors relating to the use of punctuation in communication
  • Master effective writing with accurate punctuating skills
  • Learn how to tackle difficult spellings and vocabulary.
  • Develop an accurate writing skill that communicates well to a business audience.
  • Write clear and concise information
  • Understand how to format and construct information in a professional and formal way
  • Write unique and compelling information free from redundant repetition.
  • Be able to construct persuasive, intelligent, and engaging e-mails
  • Learn all they need to master excellent memo writing, as well as be able to construct a powerful and informative memorandum that strongly communicates to a business audience.
  • Be confident to affect their skills in business writing.
  • Be equipped with the skills to specially write business-related information in a unique and comprehendible way.
  • Know how to relate sensitive information wisely
  • Writing empathetically as well as formally to a business audience
  • Gain the skills necessary to write informational, instructional, persuasive, and transactional information.
  • Learn and master all styles of business writing
  • Learn how to communicate effectively to an audience, in a manner that is understood.

Download the business writing course table of contents here

Free business writing resources and tips for better business writing

Teachers Pay Teachers

Oxford Brooks University

FAQ – Better Business Writing Course

  • What is business writing?

Business writing is a formal form of writing intended to convey useful information within a corporate environment in a clear and concise manner.

  • In what areas is business writing required?

Business writing is used in a professional setting to convey formal information through memos, emails, reports, proposals, and notices.

  • What are the four types of business writing?

Business writing includes instructional writing, informational, persuasive and transactional forms of writing.

  • Why do I need a skill in business writing?

Business writing helps to instill confidence in an employee, it enhances candidates’ resume writing, and eventually their communication efficiency.  It also helps present a company’s intent in a professional way, leading to better branding and recognition.

The delegate receives a better business writing course manual as well as an electronic attendance certificate on completion of the course.

We almost run on demands as we try to accommodate the client’s work schedule when possible. Contact Arnold +27 083 778 4903 or email [email protected] for dates in your location.

To enhance learning quality, we offer ON, OFFSITE, and Virtual Training. Refer to our Specials for Gauteng & KZN, for other areas call Arnold 083 778 4903.

Offsite includes teas, light lunch, and an electronic attendance certificate. Group discounts apply ONSITE YOUR VENUE, with a minimum of three+ delegates attending simultaneously.

Prices are provided on request.




Better Business Writing Course Better Business Writing Course

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