The Top #7 Effective Time Management Skills

The Top #7 Effective Time Management Skills
The Top #7 Effective Time Management Skills

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The Top #7 Effective Time Management Skills

The benefits of knowing the top #7 effective time management skills are realised by planning and organising one’s time so that more can be done in less time.

What Is Time Management?

Time management is defined as the ability to use one’s time effectively and productively as well as planning the amount of time that is spent on different activities.

What Are The Benefits Of Good Time Management? 

If time is better organised and managed, the benefits of effective time management skills will be achieved – the result will be more productivity as well as more efficiency.

There will be more opportunities to get ahead in one’s career and a good reputation will be earned. Life will be less stressful, and important career and personal goals will be achieved.

If time is not managed well, the consequences include increased stress, missed deadlines, a bad reputation at work as well as poor quality of work.

Learning effective time management skills and applying them now will have a life-long benefit.

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What Are The #7 Effective Time Management Skills?                                                   

Setting goals

Setting goals or targets and focussing on them plays an important role in time management.

Knowing what goals are to be achieved and how they will be achieved are the first steps to take before planning time management. Hard work and persistence will help reach those goals.


Having a plan creates a starting point and a plan is useful to refer to while progressing towards a goal. Having a plan and modifying it to suit individual needs makes life much easier.

Putting plans into action

Some steps to take in order to put a plan into action are creating a daily to-do list, as well as a weekly and monthly planner. It is important to have flexibility when putting a plan into action.


Organising a work area and paperwork makes it easier to find papers, stationery, etc when needed. Time is not wasted hunting for these items. An hour a day can be saved – just by being organised!

Setting up a routine

Setting up a routine creates order. Eating, sleeping, exercise, and family time all need to be included in a daily routine.

Stopping procrastination

By putting off a task, it becomes more daunting and harder to achieve.

Managing your workload   

What do you have to do each day and how much time does it take? In the workplace, emails can take up a lot of time and need to be dealt with in the right way. Important emails need to be responded to immediately.

Time must also be set aside for oneself.

Why Is Time So Important? 

We are living in the present, and the time that has passed is gone forever. Lives are measured in time and that time is limited. If one understands how important time is, one will make good use of it with the right time management skills.

It is important to be happy with how time is spent and to prioritise activities. If time is managed properly there should be no regrets for time lost or wasted.

How To Make Use Of Your Time

Time management skills help you to prioritise your time and to ensure that enough time is scheduled for all the activities in a day, whether those activities are work-related or personal. Schedules and to-do lists provide a checklist to tick activities off as they are accomplished.                     

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