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Power Pivot

Power Pivot Overview

Power Pivot is a revolutionary Excel feature for building incredible data models with advanced analytics capabilities. In South Africa, more and more people are taking Microsoft Power Pivot training courses to gain a better understanding of the software and how they can use it in their own businesses or organizations.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from Power Pivot courses in Southern Africa.

Power Pivot

Learn How to Filter, Analyse, and Present Data Easily with Power Pivot

One of the key benefits of taking PowerPivot courses in South Africa is that you’ll learn how to filter, analyse and present data quickly and easily using the powerful tools available in Microsoft’s suite of technologies.

With Power Pivot, you’ll be able to refine data so that non-technical users can understand it easily – saving time spent on labor-intensive tasks for those who don’t have time to waste.

It also allows your team to create dynamic reports which are easy to update on an ongoing basis.

Create Sophisticated Data Visualizations with Power Pivot

Power Pivot courses will also teach students how to unleash the potential behind Microsoft’s powerful BI platform – allowing them to build sophisticated data visualizations which can provide insights into trends, correlations between different datasets or even predictions about future events or trends based on historical patterns of behaviour.

These tools allow teams to process a lot of complicated data quickly into an understandable format, so they can make decisions quickly and accurately rather than relying solely on gut feeling.

Develop Comprehensive Reports Quickly with Power Pivot

In addition, those taking PowerPivot courses in South Africa will learn how to develop comprehensive reports quickly – drawing on large amounts of both structured and unstructured data while ensuring accuracy across various datasets.

This enables users to manipulate large amounts of information without having deep technical knowledge; meaning teams can spend less time searching for relevant documents and more time understanding what the analysis is telling them.

Benefits of Power Pivot

Power Pivot is a powerful data analysis tool that can empower the data-driven decision-making process. It can quickly transform data from multiple sources into meaningful insights and actionable results. The benefits include faster performance, increased scalability, and improved security.

The most notable advantage of is its speed. With Power Pivot, queries can be processed in seconds, compared to hours or days with other data-mining tools. This drastically reduces the time and effort needed to collect and analyze data, enabling users to get the most out of their data and become more efficient and productive.

it also allows users to construct powerful, complex models with minimal effort. By utilizing advanced calculation functions and dynamic relationships, users can ensure their data is accurately represented and generate powerful insights. Additionally, the software enables users to work with large datasets with ease, since it can easily combine data from different sources and scale to fit the needs of any organization.

Finally, Power Pivot also provides increased security by allowing users to share data without compromising sensitive information. By controlling who has access to certain data sets, users can ensure their data remains secure and confidential.

In summary, Power Pivot provides users with the ability to quickly and easily generate powerful insights from large datasets. With its quick performance, increased scalability, and improved security, and it is an ideal tool for those looking to make data-driven decisions.

Increase Productivity Levels with Power Pivot

Last but not least, attending a Power Pivot course provides employees & individuals with value increases when it comes to efficiency gains for their teams or businesses as a whole; enabling users to become proficient at creating comprehensive analyses that lead to faster decisions – ultimately leading efficient teams who work smarter together with fewer resources required overall!

With very little prior experience needed and straightforward processes for setting up innovative analyses that otherwise may take much longer manually through Excel spreadsheets – anyone interested should definitely consider getting a training power pivot course in Southern Africa today!

Power Pivot

This Pivot Tables and Power Pivot will provide the delegate with the necessary skills to analyse vast amounts of data efficiently and effectively. This course builds on the grounding which was learnt in our Excel Advanced courses. On completion the delegates will be in the top 5% of Excel users in Southern Africa.

Microsoft Excel 2016 – Using Pivot Tables and Power Pivot

If you have been using Excel for some time now and have looked at Pivot Tables which is covered in our Excel Advanced course also in Excel for Mac but don’t really know how to use them or take them further, then this two-day course covers features for experienced users of Microsoft Excel. It looks specifically at how to get the best from Excel’s Pivot Tables. It also looks at how to use Power Pivot, which is the add-in now included with Microsoft Excel.

Contact Arnold + 27 083 778 4903 or email [email protected] for dates in your area?

What This Course Covers

Create dashboards
Create row formulas in tables
Understand the difference the difference between an Excel Table and an Excel Range
Create PivotTables and PivotCharts
Work with slicers and timelines to filter information
Define table relationships
Create PivotTables connected to multiple tables
Work with Data Models
Use date tables for grouping pivot data
Invoke the RELATED and CALCULATE DAX functions
Create PivotTables hierarchies
Use Key Performance Indicators in PivotTables

Who would benefit from a Power Pivot course?

This course is designed for people who are looking to use Pivot Tables and Power Pivot to process large amounts of data into meaningful information for business intelligence and analysis. If you want to learn how to work with macros then the Automating Excel using Macros and VBA course would be more beneficial.

 Power Pivot Pre-requisites

A good understanding of Microsoft Excel 2016 is required, or attendance onour Famous Executive Excel advanced user course. Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban dates on request. Onsite training dates are flexible. Minimum of four delegates attending simultaneously. T&C’s apply.

Not your area? Please contact Arnold 083 778 4903 for a quotation.

The price for Power Pivot course includes teas, light lunch, manuals and an electronic certificate. Group pricing is available.

Reasons to attend the Power Pivot Course

It is better than Vlookup
Lightning calculations. Nothing is Faster!
Billions of Rows
Data Feeds
DashBoards are easy to create.
You want to Discover your Potential

This courses will prepare the delegate for more advanced Excel and Power Pivot Courses. The delegate receives a manual and an electronic attendance certificate on completion of the relevant Excel and Power Pivot Course.

We almost run on demand as we try to accommodate the client’s work schedule when possible. Contact Arnold + 27 083 778 4903 or email [email protected] for dates in your area?

ON and OFFSITE training are offered. See our Specials for Gauteng & KZN, other areas call Arnold 083 7784903. Offsite includes teas, light lunch, and an electronic attendance certificate. Group discounts apply. ONSITE, YOUR VENUE, a minimum of three delegates attending simultaneously. Prices on request.

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