Business Management Overview

Business management provides you with skills, knowledge & confidence that will enhance all aspects of your life and career. 

These business management courses will assist you with planning, influencing, analysing, organising, and leadership.

Business management courses will successfully help with your self-development and lead you to lead to success!

Business Management
Business Management

Business Management – 5 reasons to study it

  1. Develop management skills
  2. Enhance your opportunities for the “Dream” job
  3. Introduction to many facets of the business world
  4. If you desire to be your own boss you need these skills
  5. The business world has multiple disciplines that you need to understand

Business Management is an essential course for those who wish to learn about how to manage a successful business. This course will help you understand what it takes to succeed in the business world and gives you an edge over others who want to open their own company or be an entrepreneur.

You can learn about the critical aspects of running a business such as accounting, finance, marketing and operations. By understanding the basics of business management you are setting yourself up for success as an entrepreneur or future employee.

Business Management Who will benefit from this course?

CEO’s and MD’s – Sales Managers – System Analysts – NGO’s
SME Owners – Finance Managers – Lawyers – Business Analysts
Bankers – PA’s of Executives – HR Managers – IT Managers
Government Organisations – Consultants – Secretaries of Executives -School leavers and Graduates

You should try to attend some of these courses.

Report Writing

Microsoft Office especially Excel 

Problem Solving

Time Management

The list is endless and you will study throughout your life to remain concurrent.

S No. Course Title
1 Accounting Essentials Download TOC
2 Achieving Consensus Download TOC
3 Achieving Results Download TOC
4 Appraising Performance Download TOC
5 Attitude Download TOC
6 Business Accounting Download TOC
7 Business Case Writing Download TOC
8 Business Crisis Management Download TOC
9 Business Ethics Download TOC
10 Business Etiquette Download TOC
11 Business Etiquette & Professionalism Download TOC
12 Business Writing Download TOC
13 Having Tough Talks Download TOC
14 Project Management Essentials Download TOC
15 Project Management Professional Download TOC
16 Public Presentations Download TOC
17 Putting Diversity to Work Download TOC
18 Quality Interviewing Download TOC
19 Rapid Team Deployment Download TOC
20 Sales Management Download TOC
21 Sales Negotiation Download TOC
22 Sales Prospecting Download TOC
23 Sales Skill Basic Download TOC
24 Sales Skills Advanced(First Edition) Download TOC
25 Sales Territory Management Download TOC
26 The Administrative Assistant Download TOC
27 The Basics of Budgeting Download TOC
28 The Building Blocks of Business Writing Download TOC
29 The Business of Listening Download TOC
30 Time Management Download TOC
31 Training Methods that Work Download TOC

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Business Management – The Facts

Business Management is for everyone, no matter what position you occupy in an organisation. These skills will make your business one of the most efficient and there is no shortcut to obtaining these skills.

Experience will greatly assist your understanding of these many facets of the business. Formal qualifications as well as short corporate courses will ensure that you have the correct skills to be a valuable employer and one day a successful business owner or manager.

In business, you will need to hire experts in many fields so that all the bases are covered and that your organisation has a balanced talent pool.

There are many business management courses that fall under the section Business Management.

We almost run on demand as we try to accommodate the client’s work schedule when possible.

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