Short Project Management Courses: Reasons To Invest In One

Short Project Management Courses
Short Project Management Courses

Attending short project management courses can turn around an organization’s baseline, and result in increased efficiency, reduced costs, and higher productivity. Project management is one of the most crucial functions that determine whether a business fails or succeeds.

Managing a project and all of its moving parts is not a walk in the park and comes with a ton of challenges. With our project management course fees in South Africa designed to accommodate the average team leader, our goal is to empower organizations with capable team leaders that are up to the task. Read our blog #8 Exciting Facts About Getting Into Project Management

What is the role of a project manager after attending a short Project Management Course?

Project management helps a business to get maximum value from its efforts. A project manager monitors and directs all aspects of a project, including its budget, deadlines, quality, safety & compliance, human resources, etc. Additionally, they must keep up with pressure from stakeholders and team members, adding to the already seemingly insurmountable task.

Is project management in demand in South Africa?

The simple answer is a big yes! In March, 2022, the Project Management Institute (PMI) projected annual demand of 2.3 million project managers. An organization is always involved in a project, whether it is explicitly declared or not.

However, many organizations struggle with project management, which creates a need for accessible short project management training courses in South Africa.

Should I invest in a short project management training?

Learning the fundamentals of project management increases one’s value to their organization and puts one in high demand in South Africa. A project management course is one of the short skills courses in South Africa that you can take in a few days or weeks.

Due to the central role that project management plays in an organization, and the broad skill set required to deliver successful projects, a short project management course is a necessary investment for both individuals and organizations.

What are the short project management course fees in South Africa? Contact us for a quotation

Project management course fees in South Africa are determined by several factors:

#1 Institution

Whether the project management course prices in South Africa’s learning institutions are accessible depends on each individual institution.  The fees charged by larger institutions such as UNISA are available on their websites.

#2 Length

Another factor that determines the fees is the duration of the course,  where shorter courses cost less than longer ones. For example, our 2 Day Short Course- MS Project & Project Management has a very different fee compared to longer project management courses offered elsewhere.

#3 Type of learning

Online project management courses in South Africa will have relatively lower fees than a classroom-based project management diploma or a full project management degree.

Benefits of taking a short project management course in South Africa

In most organizations, employees are promoted into team leadership positions based on performance and opportunity, regardless of whether they have taken a formal project management course or not.

This results in projects that go over their budgets, miss their deadlines or fail completely. The solution is to ensure that all team leaders have taken at least a short project management course

Taking a formal project management course imparts an array of valuable management skills that every leader should have. Some of the benefits of project management training in South Africa and elsewhere include the following:

#1 Detailed planning and clear project scope

The main function of a project manager is to identify and agree on the scope of the project with all stakeholders and plan for every tiny detail. This requires a set of hard and soft skills that can be acquired from a short project management diploma in Southern Africa’s learning institutions.

Effective communication, negotiation, schedule management, leadership, and technical expertise among others are just a few of the skills taught in every project management course in South Africa.

#2 Schedule management & timely project delivery

Organizing and planning every part of a project together with the team results in schedules that are achievable and budgets that will be adhered to. A project management course enables leaders to give their teams clear directions, set expectations for the management, and ensure that no phase lags behind.

Team leaders learn to collaborate with all stakeholders to remove roadblocks and ensure timely delivery.

#3 Budget management and reduced project costs

Leaders with project management training direct their teams through well-laid out processes and assign roles to each member, limiting repeat jobs through increased efficiency, which lowers costs for each project deliverable.

#4 Project ownership and accountability

Another benefit of short project management courses is that leaders are able to take ownership of a project’s success and failures and teach their team members to have the same sense of responsibility.

This results in teams that are accountable and committed to delivering every project within time and budget.

Short project management courses in South Africa

There are several options for those seeking to take short project management courses in South Africa. For professionals already working in organizations, taking a short accredited project management course increases their value by imparting them the skills to lead teams effectively and deliver projects successfully.

Head over to our Microsoft Project and Project Management Courses to see the vast topics we cover to get started.

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FAQ’S Short Project Management Courses

What Is Project Management?

Project management is the way a person organizes and manages resources that are necessary to complete a project. People that manage projects are known as Project Managers. A project is a piece of work that is not a process or an operation. It has a start, an end, and goals.

What are PM fundamentals?

Learn about initiating projects, planning for time and cost, planning for project risk, communication, and change control, executing, managing, and controlling a project, and closing a project.

What does a project manager do?

Project Managers are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the completion of specific projects for an organization while ensuring these projects are on time, on budget, and within scope.

What industries use project managers?

Sectors to look for Project Management Jobs include the construction and engineering, financial services, information technology, healthcare, and law sectors.

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