Excel Training Online Virtually

Excel Training Online Virtually

Excel Training Online Virtually
Excel Training Online Virtually

One of the most have skills of every corporate employee is Excel. Excel helps you in storing data, providing solutions to complex problems, and analyzing data easily and accurately. At College Africa Group we provide you with Excel training online virtual services, for you to learn everything you need to know about Excel applications in the comfort of your home.

Excel Training Online Virtually is the best fit for:

  • Accountants
  • Market analysts
  • Investment managers and other determined individuals seeking opportunities in the corporate world.

Topics in our Excel Training Online Virtually

Within our training course, you would be taught Excel in three major and essential levels. We have the Excel basic course where you would be learning the core fundamental of Excel, like creating a workbook, applying a graphic background, formula and mathematical rule, and so on. We have 68 rudimentary topics, enough to give you a solid foundation in Excel.

We also give comprehensive teachings of Excel at the Intermediate level. Introducing you to complexities like PMT function, linking files, charts, and graphs etcetera. To gain much concrete knowledge in Excel, we have a perfect training for you called the Excel Advance Training course. In this level, you go deeper into the study of the use of formulas, data validation, relative referencing and so much more.

Why Do You Need Our Excel Training Online Virtually


We provide you with a seamless and stress-less virtual platform to learn Excel in the comfort of your home or office, which gives you the ability to learn at your own pace and time. You could also take time to pause teachings, recap what was last taught, and take your time to comprehend each topic thoroughly.

It doesn’t matter if you are a slow or fast learner; our virtual training course gives you the ability to set your own ambiance conducive for learning. It takes off the worry of meeting up with classes or running late, as all knowledge that you need to be a successful employee in your organisation will be gotten at your desired location, atmosphere, pace, time, and convenience.

 Beat Competition In The Labor Force: 

The labor force is full of competitive and highly skilled individuals who are looking for some opportunities in the corporative world. You could stand out from the crowd by including your excel skills in your professional résumé and be a step closer to achieving success in your career.

Acquiring extra skills and training will leave a good first impression on your hiring manager of your desire to be an efficient employee. It will show them that you are interested in being your best as well as producing better results.

A requirement in the corporate world:

Knowledge of Excel is a foundational skill needed in any organisation, and in any field of specialization within the corporate world. Human resources make use of this skill to manage payroll, employee databases and store information. Market analysts use it to draw conclusions, and interpret results of consumer behaviors, so as to make reasonable decisions for the efficient running of the company.

In other words, to be seen as an asset in an organisation, you must possess the basic skills as well as other professional skills needed for the proper running of day-to-day activities in your unit.

Productive Hours:

Spend your hour making productive outputs. Excel helps you create an accurate spreadsheet, limits errors, and reduces time spent on proofreading, ensuring that every hour is spent being productive. With Excel you could achieve more in less time and sort large data quickly, meeting up to deadlines and achieving targets quickly.

In order to prevent being the employee who spends days or weeks trying to figure out how to solve problems and meet targets, get the necessary skills needed for you to start your journey into any field in the corporate world.

Employee efficiency:

Become an efficient employee in the workplace.  Provide adequate solutions to the business model, study trends and patterns, give meaningful interpretations that will meet the company’s goals. Be the employee everyone wants to be, the one who knows what to do and how to get it done.

Learning a skill in Excel allows for maximum efficiency in your workplace, as calculations would be precisely gotten, tables accurately drawn and decisions will be made based on your expert judgment.

Make Accurate Business Judgment:

Excel gives you the ability to study business trends, analyze statistical data and study big economical data for efficient data utilization. It helps to understand economical relationships between data, and implement good decisions from the studied data for the proper functioning of the establishment.

With proper knowledge of Excel, you stand no chance of putting the company at risk as you will know and properly understand how to draw the right charts and analyzed them efficiently.

Better Salary:

In the corporate world, your salary is paid based on the relevance and problem-solving skill you would provide to the company. Having a skill in Excel helps you present skills necessary in every organisation, giving you an opportunity for better pay.

Therefore, to ensure maximum success at the workplace, we see to it that our courses are comprehensive and that we provide you concrete Excel Training online, helping you learn at your comfort as we prepare you for success.

If you need extra information about this course, simply visit www.collegeafricagroup.com or contact us at 27 083 778 4903

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