‘The Great Resignation’ Companies Are Fearful

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‘The Great Resignation’, Companies are Fearful

Why are people resigning or contemplating resignation when it appears to be difficult to find a steady job in South Africa?

Is it just the emotional result of many months of lockdown, working remotely, or are there other factors at play?

Some Industries that have been severely impacted by COVID-19 and are still in some form of lockdown or their operation has not been impacted as yet, but their turn will surely come.

What are some of the possible reasons and what can companies do to minimise the great resignation phenomenon?

Can we go back to the old normal method of doing business? I suggest not likely and here is my take on this matter.


Customers and employees are demanding some form of digitalisation to minimise contact. Without everyone being vaccinated, staff will fear contracting the virus. Many financial jobs and functions are being automated

Remote working

Remote working is not for everyone. Millennials, Generation X, and Z are tech-savvy so ZOOM, etc are synch BUT they crave social interaction. The new workplace will have to be adapted to meet these requirements and simultaneously provide the best hygiene standards possible.

The office floor design, kitchen, toilets, boardroom, and other spaces will have to be redesigned. Flexi desks and offices may be a solution in some cases for a hybrid of remote and office working,

Talent is globally mobile.

Covid-19 and remote working has seen outsourcing projects increasing exponentially and talented employees can migrate towards jobs and a lifestyle they crave. The internet is allowing this migration to be a reality.

Location opportunities.

Employees can live almost anywhere they choose to. On a farm, in the suburbs, or on the beach and purchase a home that meets with their budget and requirements, simultaneously working for a business anywhere in the world and even another time zone. That almost sounds perfect.

They can devote time to their families, sports, and hobbies for a more meaningful lifestyle.  South African citizens can be earning US Dollars and spending Rands, which makes “cents” (sic).

Are the employees correct?

In the near and short term, I would say yes. Longer-term things change like inflation, exchange rates, legislation, and even perks like pension funds and medical aids will become a factor.

What can employers do?

Listening to your staff is the most important thing. Ask them what their views and goals are and make them a part of your corporate goals. Make them feel like they and especially their families matter to the company.

Upskilling your staff as this appears to assist them to deal with the new world order and challenges. Help them to develop digitally and share this knowledge with your customers.

Costs of doing same old.

Every time you lose a competent skilled employee, a part of your company dies. The financial implication can be extreme with resultant client dissatisfaction or worse.

The cost of finding and a suitable replacement usually cost much more than the previous incumbent was earning and they DO NOT know the business.

One resignation can lead to a flood once the other staff sees what is possible and or their grievances are not handled correctly.

Is this great resignation only applicable to white-collar employees as their jobs can easily be done via the internet?

Blue-collar employees are also resigning and going into new industries. A mechanical engineer may open a consultancy agency or farm workers see the city’s bright lights and upskill themselves and change occupation.

Companies are raising their pay to attract labour, which has created a war on talent, and employees will seek better opportunities. Changes in technology are also changing the face of the blue-collar workplace. Some mining operations in Australia have almost no employees underground and have A.I.-driven trucks.

Some dairy farms are completely automated including the milking of the cows.

Please share this article and consider what your company should be planning to avoid losing your best employees.

In a nutshell, upskill, communicate and make them feel inclusive and a part of the company’s mission statement and avoid the great resignation exodus.

Avoid The Great Resignation
Avoid The Great Resignation

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Arnold has been involved with training since 2003 and is the Managing Director and Owner of College Africa Group, a national training company in South Africa.

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