Is ineffectual education the #1 cause of shoddy work performance

Retaining staff
Retaining staff

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I was reading an article in the Financial Mail by Ann Crotty which was about the remuneration of executives and education in South Africa.

This paragraph resonated with me and reminded me of our motto at College Africa GroupDiscover your Potential”.

“Does this mean tertiary educational establishments worldwide are pumping out duds? Perhaps tertiary education is not meant to prepare us for work? Or should employers be taking more responsibility for “upskilling” the workforce?” © Ann Crotty.

My question is are tertiary and other educators preparing the school leaver for the workplace and are training institutions upskilling the employers’ staff?

In my opinion, many do not, and their main objective is to make money and push the sausages out of the factory, all nicely packaged, equal results (sic), and very homogenous. Are the students/delegates not motivated to improve themselves?

The reasons could be the lack of qualified trainers with ACTUAL work experience. We pride ourselves on delivering work-related training and transferring this knowledge, for example, our flexible Work Ready courses.

Happy Black Friday from Arnold – College Africa Group
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I look forward to any comments and where your company has started using shorter workshop training sessions. Arnold email

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Arnold has been involved with training since 2003 and is the Managing Director and Owner of College Africa Group, a national training company in South Africa.

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