15 Do’s & Don’ts Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Excel Advanced Training – Avoid Financial Mistakes

Excel Advanced Training

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 Excel Advanced Training & Financial Mistakes
15 Do’s & Don’ts Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Excel Advanced Training Avoid Financial Mistakes

Excel Advanced Training Do’s

• Use the Formula Wizard to build formulae
• Ensure that your data is not corrupted
• Ask for help if necessary, your job could be on the line.
• Attend Excel advanced courses.
• Design, design design. Your Excel spreadsheet design is the main starting point.
• Give each column heading a name
• Protect your formulae
• Always double-check your formulas before using them.

Excel Advanced Training Don’ts

• Keep the formula simple so that anyone can understand it.
• Compex formulae can lead to errors
• Not checking the logic of your formulae before using them.
• Don’t have hidden columns and rows, rather use Group and Outline
• Don’t leave blank cells in the body of the data.
• Don’t save multiple versions of an Excel spreadsheet. If you have to, add the Time and Date in the Title.
• Don’t be too clever for yourself!!!
15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Do’s & Don’ts Excel Advanced Training – Financial Mistakes

Excel Advanced Training Solutions To Avoid Financial Mistakes

There are many methods to learn excel training, most of which are good quality and are not expensive. These include:
• Advanced excel course online
• Courses at local colleges and training companies in South Africa like College Africa Group
• Free YouTube advanced excel courses College Africa Group Video Tips
There is a need for excel training courses in the workplace from basic through to Intermediate and Advanced because every time there are calculation mistakes, financial losses can be incurred because of the lack of technical and mathematical knowledge.

  • Financial mistakes created by errors in Excel spreadsheets are estimated to cost businesses $1.7 billion a year. What are Excel errors costing your company?
  • When did you ask an expert to “audit” your spreadsheets?
  • Have you considered automating processes with VBA?

Avoid Errors After Excel Advanced Training

Errors in Excel spreadsheets cause financial losses. This is scary because you do not know how much money you are losing. You need to take action right away!
Excel training courses are offered in a range of formats to meet the needs of your company. If you have an urgent requirement for expert training in Excel, then you may wish to consider a one-to-one training course designed specifically for your employee.
This advanced Excel learning method has the advantage that it can be tailored to suit your needs exactly and will allow your employee to work at their own pace.

Advanced Excel Training Delivers Profits
Advanced Excel Training Delivers Profits

The biggest advantage is working on the actual work spreadsheets, “consultancy” and ensuring the direct transfer of the new Excel knowledge with a guardian angel overseeing the process.

Excel training courses are offered in a range of formats to meet the needs of your company. If you have an urgent requirement for expert training in Excel, then you may wish to consider a one-to-one training course designed specifically for your employee.

College Africa Group has provided one on one training to hundreds of people, from CEOs to Secretary assistants.
On the other hand, if you want to provide comprehensive knowledge and support to all your employees, then you may prefer group training courses that can be implemented over a longer period, giving all employees access to the same advance excel learning information at once.

This can be held virtually or onsite.
Contact Arnold at sales@collegeafrcagroup.com for more information.

Excel Advanced Training Courses in South Africa 2022 – Best Links

Excel Dashboard reporting
Executive Excel advanced training
Using Pivot Tables and Power Pivot Two Day Course
Each Excel training advanced course will teach you how to become an “expert” or “Guru” at Microsoft Excel, one of the most popular data analysis tools currently available.

If you’re looking for ways to create spreadsheets, Excel Dashboards, Pivot Tables, charts, and graphs that are both visually appealing and easy to read, then Microsoft Office’s Excel courses are definitely worth taking!

These courses are designed by industry experts who have years of experience working with other professionals like yourself – so they’ll know exactly what types of skills you need before starting your learning journey.

Excel Advanced Training can eradicate costly errors

One of the most common errors found in spreadsheets is the “typo error.” This occurs when a formula contains a spelling mistake or an incorrect cell reference. The spreadsheet will then return an incorrect value.
For example, if you type “=sumproduct(a2:a5,b2:b5)” instead of “=sum(product(a2:a5,b2:b5))” into a cell, the result will be wrong. An error like this could lead to serious consequences for your company’s bottom line.

Other errors include manually entering formulae, which can cause your formulas to return incorrect values; transposing values from rows to columns or vice versa; and incorrectly formatting cells as text when they should have been formatted as numbers.

These are just a few examples of how careless use of Excel can cost time and money for your business!
There are good quality excel training courses available to professionals and businesses. The excel training courses should not be too expensive and should be suitable for large and small businesses.

Excel advanced courses online can help you avoid these issues and excel training will help you to become an expert.
Your company can lose money by making mistakes in Excel spreadsheets and you as the culprit could be fired! This is scary because you do not know how much money your business is losing. With the right excel training, you can get the job done quickly, easily, and correctly.

Be proactive by taking advanced excel skills training courses, which will help you and your staff to become an all-around expert in advanced excel, the ultimate course level in Excel.

Learn advanced skills to make your spreadsheets more accurate and efficient. Attend one of our Excel courses online and avoid making unnecessary financial mistakes.

Excel is a very powerful tool and when you attend advanced courses, you can easily make your life easier and more promotable. You can create advanced reports, provide accurate analysis, and much more using it. If you want to become an expert in this field then it’s time for you to learn advanced excel learning.

Who needs to attend Excel Advanced Training courses?

• CEO’s, Executives, and MD’s
• Systems Analysts – Finance Managers -Business Analysts
• HR Managers Governmental Organisations – Sales Managers – NGO’S
• Lawyers – Bankers – IT Managers – Consultants
• Financial services
• Admin and warehouse staff

The benefits of attending College Africa Group’s advanced excel training courses are:

• Onsite Exclusivity. In case of an emergency, the employee can be released to attend to the emergency.
• Cost savings – Large group discounts.
• College Africa Group can incorporate your ACTUAL work documents into the training
• The course can be customised to meet your specific needs and requirements.
• Consultancy services are offered. Avoid financial mistakes.

FAQS Excel advanced course 2022

  • What do you learn in an advanced Excel course online?
  • Advanced Excel users will correctly structure the data & present their data and present it so that it looks impressive.
  • What are the benefits of learning advanced excel?
  •  Errors are avoided due to the upskilling
  • Your personal marketability is greatly enhanced and promotion is a distinct possibility.
  • How many days is an advanced Excel course?
  • The minimum is two days provided that you have a good grounding in Excel.
  • Is it difficult to learn advanced excel courses online
  • Learning excel on your own is not recommended and the training should be instructor lead virtually or onsite.
  • Where can I attend Excel advanced training in South Africa?
  • Due to the internet and virtual online training, location is no longer a problem and the training can be in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Nelspruit, PE, EL or Kathu in South Africa. Everyone can now receive professional Excel training.
  • Can you learn advanced MS Excel and apply it to Google Sheets?G
  • Google Sheets has many features and formulae that are similar to Microsoft Office Excel features and they are comparable, however, Microsoft Excel is superior but not for average spreadsheets.

Advanced Excel Training Free online resources

I look forward to any comments and where your company has started using shorter workshop training sessions and our Work Ready courses. Arnold email sales@collegeafricagroup.com

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